Our Koga Ninja Spy Assassin (put that on a business card) Galadriel is back with news on costumes for Elves, filming at Helms Deep and some blue screen SFX shooting!

Oh Arguable one,

It is I Galadriel, having just returned from the 51st annual Assassin’s convention in downtown Wellington. 2000 trained killers in one room, and no coffee, very tense.

I received a phone call last night and made my way to a small Japanese Sushi bar and sat down next to an aging man with a long white beard. He then told me my assignment and how I was to receive payment, so I was off.

I headed down to Miramar and made my way secretly to the Stone Street Studios, currently being used to film a movie you have an obsession with, Lord of the Rings. What I saw next may be of interest to you.

I saw Craig Parker (Haldir) in all his glory, he wore his costume and was walking around the Blue screen set.

His costume consists of brown colored clothes mostly and he wears a cloak of Lorien which is a light brown woolen garment. He has blonde hair.

Parker was filming blue screen special effects shots, with Peter Jackson standing by. He was accompanied with body doubles for Gimli, Boromir, and Legolas, as well as the Hobbits.

I then killed 2 security guards who didn’t think much for someone walking around the set with a katana. They’ll never be missed.

I managed to slip into one of the offices at Miramar and leafed through some documents for you. This is what I learned:

Christopher Lee (Saruman) has finished his scenes and has left New Zealand. There is more work for Saruman however, but these scenes will be completed by his body double.

Right now the production is working on 3 fronts, filming the blue screen shots in Miramar, which, with the addition of Haldir must be the pre-Lorien scenes (since Cate Blanchett [Galadriel] has yet to arrive).

I’ve seen the Boromir body double, Boromir will have dirty blonde dark hair.

I’ve seen Elf ears.

They are very human looking except for a small point at the top, very discreet, nothing Spock like about them at all.

They are also filming the Caves of Orthanc scenes at the moment. With Jo Pearse, 1st Unit AD at the helm. The Caves scenes are very interesting, it will consist of an Uruk Hai assembly line, with the Uruks which have been bred with Wildmen ond Orcs..Uruks are born from cocoons and are usually ordered around by Orcs. The Uruks rebel against the Orcs and kill them. This is the Uruk army that Saruman uses.

As well as the Helms Deep set, which is still going on strong. They are filming night scenes at the moment, and I assume most of the cast is there at the moment. 2nd Unit with Richard and Chris are filming Helms Deep. More Uruk talk, at Helms the Uruks are in the Keep.

I slipped out of the office without making a sound. I then proceeded to my target, a rather large man with whom I’ve never met before, but like I always say, if I’m at your door something you did must have gotten me there.

What follows must remain between me and my Gods, rest assured, I cleaned up the mess….

Keep an eye open,