One of my favorite sites on the net IMDB has come up with a blip on my LOTR radar.

In their ‘Celebrity News’ we get this:

Lord Of The Rings Gets Ladies

A $200 million screen version of J.R.R. TOLKIEN’s THE LORD OF THE RINGS is getting enhanced with romance. Director PETER JACKSON, shooting the first of three films devoted to the saga, has drafted LIV TYLER and CATE BLANCHETT to play ARWEN and GALADRIEL, whose roles have been extended in the screenplay. The love story between Arwen and ARAGORN, played by VIGGO MORTENSEN, has also been given greater prominence. But Hobbit fans are up in arms, fearing the essence of the work will be lost.

Enthusiast ALEX HORTON, 17, from Croydon fumes, “I don’t see the point of messing with the elements of a story that has worked so long for lots of people. DR VINCENT GILLESPIE, professor of English at ST ANNE’S COLLEGE, OXFORD says, “Traditionally in Middle English tales men lead the action. It is fairly male-dominated stuff and women have either a domestic or a faerie representing `the other side’… The film could build reasonably, though, on the growing idea that women were powerful ‘fixers’ or ‘peaceweavers’ behind the scenes in these tales.”

Thanks to the leafy Quickbeam for the tip!