Hello again everyone! Gamgee here with yet another day’s worth of Tolkien fun! Our last winner was Morden! Good Job Morden!!! I received countless “Curufin’s” from people who thought I had gone off my rocker and meant Celebrimbor, instead of Celebrindor.
The last answers were: 1) Celepharn 2) Witch-King 3) Samwise.
Here are the questions for today:
1) “What was the Sindarin name of Pipeweed?”
2) “imrewikmdla” (scrambled Tolkien person, place or thing)
3) “Drive away bad air and darkness with bright iron!” (Who said this?)
Please, email me with your answers. The 1st person to mail me all 3 correct answers in one letter will be posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!