Eowyn had a look down the road to Kaitoke, near Wellington, where the Rivendell set is. Here’s her report:
“…yes that picture of the spire that you have on the website was indeed part of Rivendell. Note the word ‘was.’It was quite funny actually. While we were driving down this little one-lane street out in the forest we were beginning to think we had gone the wrong way when, lo and behold, a huge truck laden with interesting and valuable goodies nearly runs us over!
I caught a glimpse of wooden filigree as it passed us and when I got a good look it turned out to be a huge dismantled spire and a bit of roof. We tracked down the set which was not hard to do since it was right beside the road and talked to the very nice (for once)security guard. And with a few carefully placed questions, he imparted some very interesting information to us.
As it turns out they had finished filming there a while ago and they were well into dismantling the set, They hadn’t been there very long-about eight days he reckoned.But have no fear they are still far from finished and some of the best bits are still to come!
In just over a weeks time they will be moving most of their operations up to Ruapehu where they have five locations they will be using for Mordor and possibly Fangorn.
After that, in about six weeks, they are going to start a very long shoot down in Canterbury “out the back of Ashburton”. This is undoubtedly going to be battle sceens for Helms Deep and other Rohan stuff.
For the moment however they have started filming again in the Lower Hutt behind the Helms Deep set in a little place called Dry Creek. It’s a little bit of forested vally with a dry creek in it so they could be doing anything there really.
Well thats all I’ve got for now,so its back to harrassing the security guards again.