Here’s the story..of a lovely Hobbit…

This comes by way of family, literally:

From: Jared

my cousin Paul Setura has been cast in the lotr movies… he played peter brady in the brady bunch movies, and did a few others… I do not know wha part he is cast in.. I know he went down there to read for the part of a character named Lotho… but I am not certain if that is what he got…Jared

Info on Lotho:

Lotho Sackville-Baggins was the son of Lobelia, and he was the one who eventually bought BagEnd. After Frodo’s departure from Hobbiton, Lotho bought up a lot of land in the Shire, and set himself up as Chief. Lotho was doing very well for himself, until things got out of hand, and Saruman came in and took things over. Lotho was locked in the Lockholes, and eventually killed by Grima.

This will be taken a RUMOR since my contacts cannot confirm any of it at the moment, more news to come!

Thanks to Jared and Gamgee for the info!