Hullo Ringadongdillos!

Just a note to let you know that Gandalf, Calisuri and I have edited and posted the logs from our past two recent Hall of Fire chats. If you missed them, check out the action here for Legends of Middle Earth or Istari: Part One. We hope to see you this comming Saturday at 5:30 EST for Istari: Part II.

Ready, set, go!! Tomorrow night marks the start of our newest contest here at Get your computer ready to surf and be the first to find the One Ring that Calisuri has burried in the site. If you do, a beautiful One Ring replica by Badali is yours…. other great prizes await, so happy hunting! The Regulars and I will be hanging out at Barliman’s when the contest opens, and I’m looking forward to watching the frenzy from there. Come join us if you’re not digging for the grand prize!