The folks at New Line were good enough to send me an update on the Q&A session with PJ.

A number of sites have sent in a sample of the intriguing questions that your users have asked and they have been fantastic. If you have more than two questions you’d like to submit, please feel free to send in a moderately-sized selection and we’ll do our best to work in as many as possible.

New Line also stated that they will have many more of these Q&A’s with Different people from time to time! This means perhaps we get a chance to speak with some actors or SFX folks!

Also, with New Line saying they’d like to see the other questions we had, I’ve sent all 10 to them to look over! So it seems we get to ask many more questions than before!

And here is some extra bit of news they sent only to

Our next month-long Q&A session will begin on June 1st.

So get your next set of questions ready!