Hullo Fans of Tolkien!

Gandalf the Grey has penned another Hall of Fire topic for me to share with you. If you missed Part I, have heart:

Istari Part II: Radagast and the Ithryn Luin — the Blue Wizards

Much is known of Gandalf and Saruman, but what of the other three of the Order? How much is known about Radahast the Brown, and what happened to him after the War of the Ring? Did he go back into the west as Gandalf did, or did he suffer a different outcome?

And what of the two blue wizards, Alatar and Pallando? What is their fate? What were they sent to do in Middle-earth? It is said they went to the east; what was their mission exactly?

Bring your own questions and answers, and join me and Tookish on Saturday, April 1, at 5:30 EST.

Yours in haste, Gandalf

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