Super Ringer Spy Galadriel gets our fires juiced up and lets loose another round with her latest Spy Report!

Oh patient one,

It is I, Galadriel, with another round of interesting news for you. While following my latest job I learned the latest news that I think may be interesting.

Peter Jackson is now at the Haywards Hill, which you know is currently housing the Helm’s Deep set. All other filming has been halted for a full 7 days, while some serious stuff takes place at Helm’s.

Ian McKellen (Gandalf) is currently at Helms filming some of the great battle scenes.

ALL of the LOTR cast are currently at Helms (Except the Hobbits), hence PJ’s presence, with the exception of Cate Blanchett (Galadriel) Martin Csokas (Celeborn) and Hugo Weaving (Elrond).

I then tried to lob my job’s head off but then stopped when someone came into the room and a meeting began. I slipped my Katana back in its place and waited patiently on the ceiling.

The filming of the Minas Tirith will begin in November.

Speaking of Hugo Weaving (Elrond), I managed to get some news on what he’ll look like, he wears a Mithril Tiara and quite frankly, looks amazing.

I then slipped down behind my Job and and pulled out some thin wire to strangle him with…it was all over for him…

After that I had to follow my Kodja Assassin Doctrine, what is left of the tale is between me and my Gods…

Until next time,

Keep an eye open