Greetings, Quickbeam here.

Spring and “Green” go hand-in-hand, even here at™. It is my pleasure to announce the following new items that are stirring at the Green Books:

Turgon has a terrific new article in his “Bookshelf,” giving us an eagle’s eye view of Tolkien publications for 2000. This is your *first* advance word of new paperback editions of Tolkien’s works on both sides of the Atlantic! Click here to read more.

• Our “Testimonials” is now called “Tributes.” More fitting, I think… Read how the Professor inspired the lives of other fantasy authors and historians such as Urusla K. LeGuin, Sean Stewart (Clouds End and Nobody’s Son) and world-class loremaster Douglas A. Anderson (The Annotated Hobbit). Even the evil wizard Saruman has a brief comment about meeting JRRT face-to-face!

• Several new updates are found in the Questions and Answers section. Click here for more.

• Our very special staff illustrator, Mia, recently travelled to Oxford with the “Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nut Cases” and has shared her Pilgrimage with us. This terrific photo-essay has 36 images and her wonderful first-person account! Visit Tolkien’s past and stop by 20 Northmoor Road where Tolkien wrote The Hobbit.

There’s plenty more as we at Green Books explore the WORDS and WORLD of Tolkien. Thanks to all for being part of our ever-growing readership!

Much too hasty,