Greetings Hall of Fire chatters!

What would Saturday be without a lively chat at our Hall of Fire? It seems like routine after lo these many months. Gandalf’s been at the brainstorming again, sortof remeniscent of the battle on Weathertop…. Here’s what he concocted with the help of Frode and _____

Istari, Part 1: Gandalf and Saruman

What is there origin and nature? Who was really the greater in power? Gandalf was said to be the greatest in wisdom of all the maiar, but Saruman was the chosen as the head of their Order. Who returned Gandalf to Middle-earth and dictated that he would become the White, supplanting Saruman? Why was Saruman ‘allowed’ to stray? What are some of the things Gandalf and Saruman did before the era of the War of the Ring in various parts of Middle-earth? What happened to Gandalf when he went back to Valinor at the end of the Third Age? Did he keep his wizard body or did he choose another? What happened to Saruman’s spirit?

If these questions stir your interest, come chat with us this Saturday, March 25, at 5:30 EST. As always, send your topic suggestions to Gandalf or
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