Our most infamous Super Ringer Spy Galadriel the Kodja Ninja Assassin is back with more news. Read on, if you dare…

oh Canadian one,

It is I, Galadriel I have some news which may be of interest to you.

After completing a job in which I had to off a local NZer, I decided to rest my mind with a little spy work for you.

I saw Liv Tyler (Arwen) and Orlando Bloom (Legolas) fighting at the Helms Deep set at the quarry. I saw Liv swing her sword and hit Orlando’s horse on the snout, Liv was spooked and dropped her $3000 sword and it was bent out of shape. They had to set up the scene again and start over. The horse, by the way, was not hurt, the swords are dull.

Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) and Bernard Hill (Theoden) were also at the Helms Deep set.

You may want to know more about what they look like.

Theoden and his royal guard horses are light brown with gold chain mail. Arwen’s horse is white, Aragorn and Legolas’ horse is offwhite, almost grey.

Arwen wears a rose red gown and a purple dress. Aragorn wears tight black pants and a white shirt with chain mail, he also carries a reforged sword. Legolas uses a Rohan sword in the scenes I saw (yet he still carries his Bow and Arrows) he is wearing a grey shirt and grey tights, with a Lorien cloak.

I then moved on to the Rivendell set. No stars there yet but they are filming alot of Elves walking around the beautiful set.

Isenguard meanwhile is being filmed at the ‘Stone Street Studios’ at Miramar.

Christopher Lee (Saruman) is there right now, giving his Uruk Hai marching orders to attack.

I now have another job to take care of, when I get more news, I’ll send it along.

Keep an eye open,