There was an interview with Liv Tyler in Wellington’s “The Dominion” last weekend. The reporter was impressed with her magical influence on his tape recorder, which had decided to stop working until she pulled it apart. The interview goes on to talk about her life and approach to acting; Liv comes across as a humble, open-minded person who’s very engaged with her surroundings.
She could talk little about LOTR as such, but did have this to say about the experience of working on it:
“I’m particularly impressed with the acting. A lot of times when you think of a genre of film that’s going to be quite large and have a lot of special effects, the acting can suffer because of that. But everyone’s doing such a brilliant job. Peter Jackson is an amazing director – you almost feel like he’s acting in the scenes with you. He’s very present in there.”
She’s enjoying Wellington, both the freedom with which she can move around there – if people recognise her, they don’t seem to make a big deal of it- and the city itself. “Oh, I’m really sensitive to my surroundings and I’m really blown away by how beautiful it is every day.”