Gamgee here! Well, it is another fine day in Middle Earth, and I have had a possible mistake brought to my attention. It seems Hama is not the correct answer to yesterday’s question, as I and many others thought, after rereading the text, I see that it is an unnamed guard, guarding the outer-wall of Rohan. So kudos to the people that called me on that one… Good eye!
Nazfyratu was again our winner yesterday, Good Job Naz! The answers were 1)Sulimo 2)Bagshot Row 3)Gimli
Here are today’s questions:
1)”In Bilbo’s will, to whom did he leave a bookcase?”
2)”idulmeon” (scrambled Tolkien name)
3) “Many leagues, but not to the ends of the Earth. I was sent to bear tidings, not burdens.” (Who said this?)
Email me with your answers, the 1st person to send me all 3 correct answers in one letter, will be posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!