According to Moriarty via AICN, New Line Cinema will be showing some scenes from LOTR at ShowWEST tomorrow!

No word yet on what scene or how long, my guess is it’s the same clip that the New Line Suits or the cast and crew in New Zealand were privy to a few weeks back, they may even be one and the same.


Well, all calls to my Las Vegas contacts have gotten me a bag full of 3 cent chips and a white tiger (some one wanna buy a white tiger?) but here is some non-information information for you:

The ShoWEST website is located at It’s being held at the very posh ‘Bally’s’ in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Bally folks are very friendly but all contacts inside the hotel were hush hush for now regarding any info on the clip.

If anyone at ShowWEST who has or will see the clip and wants to tell me about it, spill the beans!