Hello again faithful friends! This is Gamgee, with some news for all of you. I have decided to expand our little trivia section! Here is how it will run:
1) Tolkien Trivia Question
2) Scrambled Tolkien name (person, place, or thing)
3) Who Said This? (Tolkien Quote)
The 1st person to mail me with all 3 answers in one letter will be the winner, so lets see how it goes!
Our winner from yesterday was Anne Fruguglietti, Wonderful job Anne!! The correct answer was “Roac”.
Now for todays Tolkien Fun Section:
1) “What did the dwarves call Belegost?”
2) “ebehobecn”
3) “Come! Speak and be comforted, and shake off the shadow! What has happened since we came to this grim place in the grey morning?”
So, what do you think? Do you have the Tolkien knowledge to answer these brain ticklers? Email me with all 3 correct answers, on one page, and you will have your name posted here tomorrow! Good Luck!