From: Vanne

I just saw some posters here in Wellington for “Fangorn”, an opera “bringing Tolkiens Middle Earth to life with music”… I didn’t have a pen and didn’t wanna tear the poster. It was in wellington .. 11th or 12th of march.. I’ll get back to you on it..

If anyone has any info on this play, please drop me a line!


Ringer Spy Sam sends us some more info regarding this opera.

From the Fringe Festival 2000 guide:

Round Wheel Music Co.

A new contemporary opera blending folk, country and blues with the traditional operatic style. Set in Tolkien’s “Middle Earth” where some of the greatest characters of “Lord of the Rings” come alive in song. Comical with a serious message, this is opera for everyone.

Wgtn Performing Arts Centre
March 11, 7.30 pm
March 12, 5pm