Greetings – Quickbeam here.

*BEWARE* The floodgates have opened and the deluge comes crashing forth! All you patient readers have waited long enough; the many new items in Green Books are sure to quench after such a lengthy drought. Our monthly update for March includes:

  • A brand new Counterpoint by the lovely and incisive Anwyn. She takes the big plunge into deep waters in “Fate, Obedience, and Free Will.”
  • A whopping sixteen new articles in Questions & Answers. Drown yourself in such arcane Tolkien facts as:
  1. What is the Secret Fire Gandalf claims to serve?
  2. Could Arwen have chosen immortality?
  3. What was that strange Forbidden Door in The Paths of the Dead?
  4. How extensive are the armies of Gondor?
  5. Why didn’t the Fellowship just fly on the Eagles straight to Mount Doom?

  • The extraordinary trip into the Professor’s past continues in Shaun Spain’s “On the Tolkien Trail: Part Two” Find yourself in the heart of Oxford with a bevy of great photos.
  • Swim through Moon Letters and take “The Tolkien Geek Test” – I’ll never admit what I scored on it! Also surf along waves of delightful new Poems, Essays, and over in the Fan Section you’ll find great new Wallpaper by my friend Mike Urban and others.
  • Snorkel around the updates from Turgon’s and Quickbeam’s February Q&A. My answer about the Nazgul hating water is now much clearer.

Whew…! We hope you enjoy and remind you to watch out for the undertow. Stay tuned for a new “Out on a Limb” by yours truly and even sooner we’ll feature new Stump the Staff items that we deem the most perplexing of all.

Much too hasty,


P.S. I admit many people have written asking, “Hey, Quickie, where is that TATTOO you were going to get?” To which I reply, “Never fear. I have just postponed it a little, I promise it will still happen… Soon…”