oh Godly one, this is Galadriel

I’ve killed again…

…This time my target was an American, much to my surprise. He was from LA and flew in just recently, the details of what followed may be of interest to you.

He was an exec from New Line Cinema, he arrived today and was treated to a ‘Maori Haka War Dance’ by the extras who are playing Uruk Hais in the film. My secret mics picked up the info that this dance may perhaps be used in the film.

The words used in the song are Maori but they are the following:

‘Kamate, Kamate, Koura Koura’

I then learned the following after performing Chinese water torture on a contact close to my target:

Christopher Lee (Saruman) has been in New Zealand for a while, and was recently trying on his costume with Peter Jackson looking on (not in that way, I hope 🙂 – xo).

Lee was also preparing for a scene he filmed with 150 Wild Men from Orthanc, these Wild Men are supposed to attack the Men of Rohan, with Saruman stirring them up to do so.

I also squeezed info on what the ‘Wild Men’ will be wearing, apparently it’ll be the Uruk Hai and Rohan costumes that were either broken or mismade, but will be cool none the less.

I followed my target back to Wellington, and there he met up with Peter Jackson, who is back in town and was thrown a ‘Welcome Back Peter’ Tea party. I’m a loner, but I managed to slip into the party for some tea, it was rather nice…

…back to mission…

My target was given a rundown on what was going to happen soon with the filming.

at the Rivendell set, which is at the Miramar Studios in Wellington, there will be a ‘March of the Elves’.

I finally had to off my target, but that story remains with me and my Gods…until next time

– Galadriel