Spy Galadriel sends in the following:

I was out on an assassination assignment the other day, I was given special orders to off a local who was apparently into some nefarious business. yes, Galadriel is my name, yet I am no fair Elf, I’m a trained Koga Ninja who would easily kill you if someone paid me enough…

…so I tracked down this job and slipped into his room without making a sound. I slipped my sword right under his nose and he awoke and began so shoot off some info you may be interested in…

‘Ok ok! I’ll talk! They’re filming at Miramar, a suburb of Wellington, near seatoun!…

…They are filming interior scenes inside a chemical warehouse, it’ll be used as interiors for Helms Deep and Rivendell, they’ll obviously fix it up inside..

..They’ll be there starting tomorrow and Peter Jackson may be there himself..that’s all I know, Honest!’

The rest will remain with me and my Gods…I thought you’d like to know


I recieved this in my mailbox this morning:

They are using an old paint factory and an old cosmetics factory.. different areas of Miramar.
the cosmetics factory has become “Camperdown Studios” as it is on Camperdown Rd.

Weta productions is also housed in the same building.. (weta does all the Computer Effects) a weta is a native NZ insect.. quite menicing..

There is a big Castle that has been built in the Haywood Hills in the Lower Hutt Suburb of wellington for a lot of the Sceens.