I awake from my stupor and realize I’ve been paid a visit by Gandalf the Grey. After smacking me about a bit with a rather large trout, he dropped this bit of parchment in my lap and admonished me to make it public post haste. So here goes! From the Greyhame himself:

“What if characters from Middle Earth were living with us now today? How would history be different if say, Aragorn was running for president? What would it be like having Elrond as your High School guidance counsellor? Imagine watching a 4th of July show hosted by Gandalf. Would the world be a better place, or would it be worse? So join Gandalf, Tookish, Balin and the rest of the Hall of Fire staff on Saturday, February 26th, 5:30 EST. Be sure to bring your thinking caps and be prepared for what should be a fun and less serious Hall of Fire.

Special thanks to Kili for this week’s topic!’

Yep, bring your dreams and your sense of humor to this one, and I’ll get this fishy smell off me in the meantime. Trout? Fiddlesticks!!

P.S. Got any Hall of Fire topic ideas? Send ’em in!!!