Super Ringert Spy Xtem was lucky enough to ‘interview’ an extra who is playing a Rohan Warrior. The warriors, as we know, have started filming at Helms Deep last week, and this week more action will involve them. To protect our ‘interviewee’ we have had to clip a few words or phrases here and there, enjoy!
Xtem : So hows the filming

RW : wet – damned rain machine….

Xtem : yeah, heard about that. Rained in your parade

RW : well it rained – that is all there is to tell – oh and we ot very wet and cold in the process – not much fun

Xtem : so they didn’t give you like waterproof gear under the armour or whatever you wore?

RW : nope – raincoats for over when not filming but that is it.

Xtem : ooo that’s loopy. So what did you generally do? Charging moves or what?

RW : stand there mainly – not much movement at all

Xtem : real? So so far the film captured is just basically a bunch of Rohan warriors just standing in the rain? What did they tell you to do? Look mean? Look like your expecting anything?

RW : oh yes there was all that sort of stuff tied in with the action that is supposed to be going on

Xtem : what sort of stuff ?

RW : there is a lot of waiting around with nothing to do – but the food is great and some of the girls in weta are really nice :O)

Xtem :ohhh really? How far from the camera?

RW : I don’t know

Xtem : I’ll be on the look-out for ya in Two Towers, anything stand out?been on set with the hobbits or

RW : no – they are not in this

Xtem : oh ok. cos I got info that 2 of them should be at the set starting Monday and Liv Tyler – and Gandalf apparently have already been doing some work there

RW : I haven’t heard anything about that.

Xtem: What else have you been doing?

RW : well we have been tested for fight scenes but the stunt guys have done them all so far – to be fair the rohan havent been filmed fighting yet so wait and see

Xtem : tested? in what way?

RW : just sorted into foreground and background level skills

Xtem : what are the hours like?

RW : 6 to 6 usualy

Xtem : wow … so all night? Right…. so how much longer do you think filming will carry on for that you need to be there for? initially didn’t you say 5 weeks?

RW : not sure – still counting on that.

Xtem : righty so what are you doing up at this time…shouldn’t you be getting your rest?

RW : i dont know if they need me tomorrow

Xtem : I know someone who did the swords for the Elves…are yours the same…they have like a golden leaf imprint or something?

RW : nope – very different

Xtem : let me guess….very cumbersome and not as “pretty” as the elven stuff? have you seen the elven stuff? have you been on set with any other “tribes”?

RW : the elven stuff is great – no not cumbersome – all the gear is pretty good and comfortable

Xtem : yeah, but like it’s not dainty is it

RW : not really – pretty lethal looking

Xtem : yeah, thought so…cool….heavy? (wonders if I need to start working out…. :o)

RW : work on your back and abdominal muscles – you will prob be standing up for a long time and that is what starts to feel it

Xtem : Any tips for any hopefull future extras when they are on the set?

RW : yes – bring a sence of humour – the jokes get pretty bad

Xtem : what kind of “bad”?

RW : droll – the rohan on the first night went thru every quote from monty pythons holy grail

Xtem : ha ha ha….that’s good….I’d like that….muahaha….”my favourite colour is blue….no wait…it’s yellow….aaaaaaaa”

RW : yes – and the horse jokes – i think i will type up all the rohan puns i came up with and hand them out at the set :O)

Xtem : ha ha ha….then someone from managament or whatever you call it comes along and confiscates it cos they think your trying to incite a rebelion or something

RW : oh they think that already – the urak hai are all pretty dodgy 🙂

Xtem : uruk hai? are they there already? ohhh man, I want to see this….what are they generally…Samoans?

RW : everything – even some women – it dosent matter once u get the costume on

Xtem : oh … really…so it’s masks and everything

RW : they are great costumes

Xtem : I’m sure they are….wish I could see them

RW : no doubt you will at some point

Xtem : yeah I guess

RW : not sure what the other human outfits are like – cant help u there

Xtem : what are the other humans again? appart from Rohan

RW : easterlings , gondorian – i dont know what others are in the story but there are plenty – dunlendings, variags, rural men, corsairs, beornings etc

Xtem : oh ok…didn’t think that Easterlings were men…which means at least I can still show my ugly mug on telly eh?…unless they censor it! mauahahaa

RW : who knows

Xtem : so anything else you’ve failed to tell me ?

RW : plenty – but confidentiality you know…..

Xtem : ahhh yes…that damnable thing

RW : its cool – keeps things interesting for those not involved