Tolkien Lecture in Brazil

– Mongvar

Brazil, Sao Paulo city, last month. At 6:30 started at Martins Fontes bookshop the biggest Tolkien event of the last year in Brazil. The

Silmarillion was finally translated and released in the country, and the publisher Martins Fontes decided to make a kind of release party. The place was used at first for all brazilian Tolkien fans meet each other, and it ended in a great convention, with people making many friendships. And at last, but not least, we had the presence of Ronald Eduard Kyrmse.

Ronald is one of the most important Tolkien experts in Brazil. A member of Tolkien Society and it’s linguistic group Quendili, Ronald has read almost all released Tolkien books, and just finished reading the History of Middle-Earth Series. He did a very excellent lecture, where he told us about Tolkien’s life, and how it influenced his works, and also told how

Tolkien spent his whole life writing The Silmarillion; at the same time he knew he wouldn’t never finish the books.

After a long and very nice lecture, Ronald answered the questions from the Tolkiens fans there, a kind of a Q&A, where he proved he was really a Tolkien expert, signing in elvish the books of people who asked him.

A great night for brazilian Tolkien fans, and those who missed it, missed a lot!