The good folks at New Line Cinema have a great chance for you to ask PJ any questions you want! Read on!

I would like to invite your site to be a member of an exclusive ring for our Peter Jackson Q&A. I would like to ask you to poll your visitors and to submit (2) questions for this first Q&A.

You have the opportunity to ask your visitors to submit their favorite questions for the Q&A using polling to determine the most popular questions.

Because I am extending this invitation to 10 major fan sites I can only take (2) questions for this first chat. I will continue this chat/interview series with Peter throughout production, so there will be many more opportunities for your community to join in.

When Peter answers each question, he will acknowledge and the person who asked the question.

We will supply you with the transcribed answers to the answers submitted from your site. We will create an audio recording of Peter Jackson’s answers, and ask that you link to the page on the official site where visitors can access the full Q&A through streaming audio.

So send in your questions now! we will post the best ones and get 10 to poll and narrow it down to 2!