Greetings visitors!

Gandalf wanted to drop you a line to tell you a bit about the internet’s best Tolkien chat! From the desktop of the Wizard himself:

“Hullo fellow Ringers!

Do you have any Tolkien topics or ideas that you just can’t seem to figure out? Ever wonder why Cirdan is the only elf mentioned with a beard? Or what happened to the rings of the Nazgul? Then come on in to Barliman’s chatroom! If trivia is your thing, and you think you can stump the Barliman regulars, then come on in and try! Whatever is on your mind, you are welcome to Barliman’s.”

We talk about the movies being filmed in New Zealand all the time, too. Curious about the latest Spy Reports or news items? Perhaps you’ve found out something yourself you’d like to pass along to the higher ups…. Interested in meeting site founders Xoanon, Tehanu, Calisuri or Corvar? They frequent the chat regularly, as well as a host of Tolkien enthusiasts from around the world.

We hope to see you soon! If you have trouble connecting please email me and we’ll take care of you.

*Tookish raises his mug of 1420 and says, “Cheers!”