From: Howard

Bernard Hill as ‘EJ’ in Titanic

I just saw British actor Bernard Hill on The Gloria Hunniford Show here in the UK proclaim that he was flying down to New Zeland to be in the Lord of the Rings films. He didn’t say what part he was going to play.

Check out his IMDB listing for more information.

More info as it floods in!


A few choice phone calls has Confirmed that Bernard Hill will be in LOTR yet we are not sure who he will be, word was (from a fuzzy UK pay phone) that Hill will play ‘Theodus, or something greek like that’, now, it’s time for you hard core Ringers to clear up the mystery, since we know Kevin Conway will play Theoden (and I asked, ‘are you sure it’s not THEODEN?’ , no, my contact replied) please drop me a line with your ideas!