Are you like me? Find yourself getting bored with today’s work and fiending for some good quality Tolkien content? Its been a slow movie news day, so let me give you some ideas on how to spend those precious long minutes at work…

Ever wonder how LOTR might convert to a musical? Check out our fan creative writing section!

Maybe you are looking for a really good recipe for Lembas?

For you gamers, ever wonder what WarCraft would be like for LOTR? Or maybe Diablo?

How about checking out how 4th graders visualize The Hobbit.

Better yet, know another language and want to practice your fluency skills? Check out our many community members that mirror our site in other languages then English!

Checked up on Tehanu’s serach for Middle-earth recently?

Need to test your Tolkien Trivia knowledge? Did Aragorn have any children?

Well, I figure that will keep you busy for a while. Apologize to your boss for me..:)