From: Binky

Every morning I drive to work past the Helm’s Deep set. It’s usually around 5.30am, when it’s still dark and they’re still filming so I usually sneak a bit of a glance up at the set to see what’s happening… The castle area is pretty easily viewed from the road.

This morning (Wednesday 16th) I thought they wouldn’t be doing anything as it rained as in RAINED last night in the Hutt area. The heavens opened up about 1.30am and bucketed down and hasn’t stopped (although it’s now lighter). I drove past at about 5.40am, glanced up to my right and…there’s a giant rig spouting tons of water down onto the set in a pretty close facsimilie to heavy rain…

Xoanon here,

If you’re wondering why they’re making it fake rain when it’s really raining, well that’s simple, real rain doesn’t show up on camera.

What are they using in those ‘fake rain makers?’ it’s water alright (if I’m wrong, someone tell me, never had any real physical SFX training) there is simply more of it. These ‘fake rainmakers’ look like scaffolding, and for all intents and purposes, it is, water is pumped through and you can make it rain alot, or make a simple drizzle. Filmmakers don’t wait for real rain to film any scenes (unless they’re broke like me) they make it happen. Chances are 99.99% of the ‘real’ rain you see in movies is fake…:)