Reviews from ‘The Hobbit’ stageplay have been flowing in:

From: Andy

I went and saw this production when it was in Birmingham.

It was quite good, they made really good use of the stage with scenery.

The bloke who played Bilbo was quite good. Gandalf had a northern English accent and I didn’t like it very much. The dwarves were just men, they didn’t have any beards, and there weren’t 13 either, only about 5.

All in all it was an enjoyable night out. If you want any more info on it let me know. I’ve got the programme still.

There was an article in the paper over here that they are recruiting over here for stuntmen who can ride horses for LOTR. Apparently the trouble in E Timor has meant they couldn’t use riders from the NZ army. I meant to scan the article and send it to you but I left the paper on the train.

From: Alex

I caught the play here in Brisbane, I don’t know if it will be the same cast, but it was brilliant, even from way back on the second balcony. Well worth gettting in early for this one.

From: Paul

Just letting you know that I’ve been to see the Hobbit stage play in Blackpool, and it was superb. Everything is there that you want – except maybe Gandalf was a little “timid” for my liking. They make good use of a two tiered set for all the “scene transitions”. The ending battle of the five armies was excellent – certainly put a chill down my spine! (I’m easily scared!!!)

I would recommend it; but there are only five dwarfs!!! Never mind – you can’t have everything I suppose.