I deployed my Bat Ears to hear pick up the answers to some of Xoanon’s questions. WHO’S climbing up the wall of Helm’s Deep? (See the last picture of the series below)
Aragorn, or his double.
WHAT is the set that’s being built, see below, picture courtesy of Kevin R.?
Think Elvish, said my contact. Think ….not Rivendell (there’s a well-kept secret) but….?
So, my (strongly supported) guess: window surrounds and architectural detailing for Cerin Amroth…I also heard from folk in Karamea that somebody further down the West Coast was commissioned to make stained glass for LOTR, so that might be what fits into the woodwork we see in the picture.
(D’OH! Cerin Amroth? Caras Galadhon, sorry. Thanks to Trufflehunter for pointing that out!)
Oh yeah, and Christopher Lee is in Wellington. And his wife.