Great news Hall of Fire fans! Gandalf has sent me the next topic up for discussion:

Tolkien Inspirations: How has Tolkien inspired you?

Does Tolkien move you? The Professor’s work has made a profound impression on millions of fans over the decades, and this Saturday we’ll explore the impact Tolkien has had on our lives. In big ways and small, we’d like to know how JRRT has affected you.

Has Tolkien inspired your art or music? The way you feel about nature? Perhaps your career or hobby centers around Tolkien. Or on a simpler level, what character do you feel the closest to and why? Make sure you bring your tissues for what should be an emotional chat. 😉

Special thanks to Ringer fan Earsul for this topic!!

Time and Place? 5:30 p.m. EST on server in #thehalloffire….see Hall of Fire link for details

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