From: Cathy

Looks like they may have completed the first part of filming at Helms Deep. All of the lighting towers and equipment have been removed from the top set with the two long turreted walls.

There has been a lot of work done on the buildings at the bottom of the hill.The large white shapes that you can see in the site photos further down the page are starting to take shape. They appear to be part of a wall, which is being carved out to appear like stone. I think they are probably going to finish these in the same stone look finish as the large building behind them.They seem to form a kind of wall which would enclose a courtyard, or maybe they are going to be smaller buildings.

The large building is a square front with a huge archway in the centre with two smaller ones either side. Above this there is a row of 12 long thin slit type openings, which run right across the building. The building has been made to look like it is set back into a stone hillside.

The other 2 sets have also had a lot of finishing off done to them as well. One appears to be a rock wall with a tunnel in it and about 5 arch shapes doorways. To the right is a square section with a long slit window in it. Maybe this is part of a castle?

The last set appears to be quite complex, with several levels and large areas inside (which of course I can’t see) More later as this takes shape.

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