Greetings, Quickbeam here…

The doldrums of winter are upon us, but I and my fellow Green Bookers Turgon & Anwyn are still hard at work, shedding light within the dark places. Today we unearth fifteen new Questions & Answers, prompted by our ever-so-curious readership. These and many more are just a click away:

  • Where did the evil spider Ungoliant come from?
  • Did Gandalf have a chance pitted against the Witch-king?
  • How does Frodo & Bilbo’s birthday match up on our Gregorian Calendar?
  • Why did Tolkien mention “stars” so much, with such reverence?

And dear readers beware! Yours truly recently had his 31st birthday, just a few hours shy of Elijah Wood himself. I promised to mark the occasion by getting an extraordinary Tolkien tattoo (the design of which will remain secret but I provide a hint: think of fiery letters). I have NOT chickened out on that promise, but unfortunately it has been delayed a few weeks. Have faith, I will go under the tattoo artist’s needle and post the shocking photos soon enough.

And keep your eyes peeled for more Green Books articles, interviews, Fan Fiction, Stump the Staff, et cetera!

Much too hasty,