Better than a trip to Mordor, in fact. It’s known as the Tongariro Northern Circuit, and it’s a three+ day hike through the definitive Mordor landscape. Except prettier. We did it last year, we’re doing it again this year, from the 14th to the 17th of February, and any Tolkien fan that can come along is welcome.
Sorry about the short notice. My schedule kept changing. NEXT year we’ll announce it MUCH further in advance for those of you making holiday plans in NZ.


It’s one of New Zealand’s Great Walks, a three-four day hike around Mt. Tongariro, starting at the Chateau at Whakapapa village and going anti-clockwise so you miss the crowds going over Red Crater. It’s all alpine country with the added bonus of some traverses of lava, volcanoes, scoria, craters and the ash-cone of Ngaruhoe as a side-trip. It is the definitive Mordor landscape.

The route is provided with Dept. of Conservation huts, which all have gas cooking facilities, water, toilets, bunks and mattresses. They cost about $20/night. From last year’s experience I can say that it’s a great time to go, plenty of room in the huts and great weather, as far as anything in the mountains can be relied on.

NEXT year, I promise we’ll be organised further ahead and can announce things a lot sooner. This year my schedule kept changing so it was impossible to tell what days were going to be free. Anyone interested in coming (and I’m going whether anyone is or not) can email me at and I can provide you with any further information you might need. It’s also worth checking the Doc. ‘Great Walks’ page at