We’ve been getting about a million spy reports a day here at TheOneRing.net. So I’ve taken the best of the bunch and posted them. Do you live near a LOTR set? Drop me a line!


Have just read the spy report re the bright lights on the Helms Deep set. They certainly are bright at night.

We live on the hill opposite. Have finally bought a pair of binoculars to get a better look at the set, and hopefully some of the filming.

Most appears to be taking place down in a hollow just below on of the large walls ( so we can’t really see much) They have erected a wind break fence so now we can not see where the cast have been waiting (blast)

Will keep you posted if I get to see any thing exciting.

From: Sledge

The entrance to Dry Creek Quarry has traffic cones down the middle of the road and traffic controllers managing access in and out of the site and on to the public road.

I travel to Wellington (week) daily by train, passing the quarry and tent village where it’s all happening.

Last Friday I was on my way over the “Haywards Hill” and stopped at the entrance to the quarry to check progress on the sets. I was surprised to see apparently no-one at the gates, no cones, and 2 large marqee tents at the base of the castle ramparts being built.