Xoanon here,

I know little and even less than that about the Official Site and it’s final look and all the goodies. Yet here is a clue as to who may or may not be working on it, take a looksee:

From: Morgoth

I don’t know if you already know this, but the official LOTR site is mirrored at http://www.steeplechasemedia.com/

Steeplechase Media, as you can read about at http://www.steeplechase.net, is a big name in interactive media, specifically web-based enhanced television. This might give us some clues about what the new official site is going to look like.

As a little side note, I contacted the good folks at Steeplechasemedia.com and they tell me they are not involved. There is a Steeplechase.net, I have yet to hear back from them, anyone have any clues as to what this is all about?