Date: Saturday, February 5
Time: 5:30 Eastern Standard Time
Place: #thehalloffire on server

Hullo Tolkien friends,

A new Hall of Fire topic is selected and ready for next weekend! This time we’ll explore the possibilities of a frightening scenario: What would have happened if Frodo had succumbed to his wound inflicted by the Lord of the Nazgul? What would have been the fate of the One Ring? Who might have been chosen as the Ringbearer? Could Frodo have gone over to the side of darkness? Let us know what you think this weekend!

Thanks to those of you who’ve made Hall of Fire a great success. We’ve had some large groups at these live discussions, and your participation has been fantastic! Please send any feedback and topic suggestions to one of us and we’ll do our best to keep the conversation flowing. Gandalf, Gamgee, Balin, and I are at your service.

If you missed one or haven’t been to a Hall of Fire chat yet, check out the logs of prior discussions here.

Hope to see you this weekend!