This should all be classified as RUMOR since I cannot confirm it at this time:

Heard this week that nearby residents had been complaining about the bright lights shining through
the night as filming took place at Dry Creek Quarry. Rumour around the set has it that the same residents will be offered a whirlwind tour through the set on the fleet of minibuses.

Other info picked up this week:

The coffee bill for this movie will be around NZD$200,000 (US$100,000).:

Waitresses tour the set offering actors tea and coffee constantly

There are several types of coffee available, and at least 10 different teas

The minibus windows are lined with a dark one-way film that hides the occupants

The entrance to Dry Creek Quarry has traffic cones down the middle of the road and traffic controllers managing access in and out of the site and on to the public road

Smaller shoots are taking place at many locations in the hills along the Hutt Road

Security guards with dogs are patrolling the difficult terrain all around Hels Deep

Thanks to GC for the tip!