I’m an assistant propmaster, and have been working on features, tv-movies and television series since 1991.

By the by, the “telegraph” device that Tehanu described (on her set visit) could almost only be the antenna that the sound department uses whenever an actor is wearing a body microphone. The cable-puller will take the aerial and maintain a direct line-of-sight with the actor to ensure premium reception. The antenna requires it to be held, and aimed, in a specific manner. The best sound mixers will jump through hoops to get a CORDED connection because it is SO much more of a guarantee that no interference will enter into the recording. They take pride in preventing ADR work (looping).

Spoiler Content:

If she saw a scene with actors on a moving horse-drawn cart, then there’s no question that the actors were wearing body-mics.

One other bit of trivia: I worked with a fairly young Elijah back in 1994 on the film “The War” (with K. Costner) and Elijah was the most professional guy there. A few years later my friend was the propmaster on the movie “Flipper” with Elijah and again he was a trooper. It is a comfort to hear that he hasn’t lost his enthusiasm and willingness to “get the shot”. Who
can blame him, he gets to be Frodo!

Thanks Andrew! Good to hear about Elijah!