Eddie is bemused about Blacklisting
By Peta Woodhouse

Quotes from ‘Contact’ newspaper, 20th January 2000

Former Lord of The Rings movie extra Eddie McCarthy does not feel bitter about being blacklisted by Wellington acting agencies after spilling “secrets” about the making of the film. He just finds it laughable.

The rest of the article goes on to describe Eddie (Hobbitknocker) McCarthy’s first article published in ‘Contact’, and how 3Foot6 reacted. They issued him a threatening letter.

When Contact tried to, er, contact 3Foot6 or Wingnut films, they discovered the phone number has changed. McCarthy, meanwhile is apathetic:

“It’s hysterical because it’s so ludicrous. How can they threaten a 68-year-old amateur actor [with no more work] when I just do this sort of thing for the love of it. I don’t gtive a damn about it. I’ve been there and done my thing. I’ve sung in music shows in the 60s before Avalon Studios were built.”

When McCarthy tried to call his agency ‘Trio Talent Management’ for more work they told him ‘You should basically consider yourself blacklisted’.

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Thanks to Xtem for the tip!