One LOTR fan got a bit of a bonus to their NZ holiday when they got a glimpse of what they believe to be working or test shots for LOTR…they just happened to be around at the same time that Wingnut were picking up the prints.
My correspondent didn’t think he was seeing Mortensen or Bean, but two stand-ins posing for a test shot thus:
“One shot showed ‘Aragorn’ standing against a tree in what is probably fairly old forest, possibly a native beech wood. The undergrowth is fairly light, but there are many fallen, moss-covered logs, just like in mature beech woods I have been through here.” (the forest round Paradise looks like that, the deer have been through and eaten out the undergrowth – Tehanu) “He is dressed in brown leather clothes that look worn and dirty but are finely detailed (perhaps including a weskit and a cloak). He has his hand on a broadsword with its point on the ground, and his head is bowed. The sword itself is very finely crafted, with dark rune-looking things all down the centre of the blade (which is basically black) and bright edges. (Doesn’t one of the swordsmiths for LOTR specialise in patterned blades?)
Picture 2 shows ‘Aragorn’ stooping over ‘Boromir’, who is lying partially obscured by a moss-covered log, in a slightly inclined position with one all-black arrow sticking out of his chest (there may have been more arrows inhim or around – I doubt they’d get the ‘pierced by many arrows’ thing wrong, so this would have to be later in the scene when he is picking them out.
Both men have shoulder-length scraggly hair and I think some beard growth, both details commensurate with having been on a long, tiring journey from Lorien.
In any case, if these pictures are representative of a scene in TFOTR(which I stress they may not be), I give them a big thumbs-up for capturing the scene.”
Thanks to B L S for that.