TV-One news item,
January 18th 2000

Eddie McCarthy, an extra for the New Line Cinema production of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, found today a down-side of breaking a confidentiality agreement.

During the weekend his talent agency, Trio Talent Management, informed Mr. McCarthy that the local community newspaper article he wrote “Confessions of a Hobbit Knocker”, has effectivly killed his career in television and film – as he could not be trusted to keep quiet on projects in production. Camperdown studios of Miramar are also a banned place, and when Mr. McCarthy tried to gain entry to explain himself, security guards would not let him past the main gate.

As Mr. McCarthy explained, he provided the article to share with everyone his joy in being able to take part in such a highly anticipated series of films. He now wonders if his contribution will end up on the cutting room floor.

Written or verbal confidentiality agreements are a part of most production work, and the afternoon Wellington newspaper, The Evening Post, quoted a member of the G.C.S.B. (New Zealand’s external spy service) who has an extras role in the films, that the wording of the agreements are more strict on the level of information that actors involved are allowed to share than the agreement he signed when he started work for the government department.

Thanks to RohanExtra-197 for the tip!