The following should be taken as mere RUMOR, nothing more.

(BathTub) XXXX, hows work?

(XXXX) hard work, but interesting, finished yesturday,
(BathTub) wasn’t long, what did you build?

(XXXX) the main thing working on was a balista, one set, one fired, other than that, I helped make, desks, chests, a table, 2 of everything (furnature that is) one human size, one half that,

(BathTub) can I ask you a few more questions?
(BathTub) did you build 2 ballista?

(XXXX) yup, huge things too,

(BathTub) what did you mean one set, one fired?

(XXXX) yup, one like all set up to fire, then one fired, they are computer animating the rest,

(BathTub) oh ok
(BathTu) cool

(XXXX) yup,

(BathTub) ooooh so one was built so that it looked like it had fired?

(XXXX) exactly 🙂

(BathTub) any other interesting points of note?

(XXXX) Ammm, not really, I was just a temp really, never got to see much good stuff,

(BathTub) thanks XXXX

(XXXX) anytime,

(BathTub) oh how big would those ballista be?

(XXXX) amm, full size, like a station wagon size?

(BathTub) ok cool thanks

* BathTub wasn’t really sure how big a ballista would be

(XXXX) hehe, glad I could be of service