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Kotukunui reports on the Hobbiton Set

January 15, 2000 at 12:18 pm by Tehanu  - 

I got mail from our friend with the plane:
“…I went flying this morning (Saturday) and as I was passing near the area of the Hinuera set, I thought I’d have a quick look-see. Well, an army was gathering all right. About a dozen flash-looking “trailers” were pulled up in a seperate parking area, ready for VIP’s to relax in. A battalion of set dressers were out watering the grass and generally putting the final touches on to the set. There were all these strange-shaped marquees erected everywhere. I’m not sure whether they are part of the set or just strategic sunshades for camera positions. It’s been quite dry here and I thought that the grass might be browning off, but it’s amazing what you can do with water trucks. Unfortunately I was not carrying my camera, (or for that matter another pilot to hold the plane straight….)
However there was a report in the Waikato Times that filming will start on Monday (16th Jan). From the level of activity on the site, it would seem that this is good gen. and I don’t want to annoy the crew by making overflights while they are trying to shoot.”

Posted in Old Spy Reports on January 15, 2000 by

Thorin Oakenshield

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