From: Amyd

Weta Digital has posted this announcement:

“Weta Digital (Wellington, New Zealand) is seeking Senior Shader Writers/Senior Texture Painters…”

The announcement is posted on, on the main page/right side.

The announcement in full runs like this:

“Senior Shader Writers/Senior Texture Painters Weta Digital Weta Digital, based in Wellington, New Zealand, is searching for candidates to work on Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings.” We are currently searching for Senior Shader Writers and Senior Texture Painters.

Contact Information Please apply via our website: Weta Digital Wed Jan 12, 2000, 10:59 AM PST”

A Shader Writer is a person who writes shaders(small to medium programs written in a special language that plug in into a rendering engine such as Pixar’s RenderMan, and that generate various texture effects, such as skin, fur, hair, volumetric gas, etc. Texture Painter is a person who either controls the placing of the materials on the surface of the objects, or a person who actually paints this objects with texture information, with a special program (btw. WETA Dig is in process of beta testing a 3D paint solution called Deep Paint 3D from a NZ company named Right Hemisphere… perhaps they finished the deal and they are searching for ppl to use the aquired software).

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