Greetings-Quickbeam here.

Fresh in the glow of 2000, our friend Turgon takes a close look at the new MILLENNIUM EDITION of The Lord of the Rings in his new Bookshelf. Click here to learn the full six names of the Six Books, restored from Tolkien’s original notes (instead of Trilogy should we now say Hexilogy?).

Also you’ll find a very cool item by noted Tolkien historian Douglas A. Anderson. His detailed “Note on the Text” is presented here through a special arrangement, giving us further insight into the publishing history of LOTR. I myself am the proud owner of Douglas A. Anderson’s The Annotated Hobbit, an excellent and increasingly hard-to-find edition.

Also note we’ve made it easier to share Green Books with your online friends… For those who have never visited us, just tell them to do a simple search in Yahoo for the words “Green Books” in quotes. We are eager to explore more of the Professor’s world in the coming year. Thanks for being with us!

Much too hasty,

P.S. Coming soon from “Out on a Limb“– Quickbeam gets an awesome tattoo in Elvish script (you won’t believe it ’til you see it)! Anwyn answers your tough questions! A new Brain Bender sure to confound! All this and more coming to Green Books, so stay tuned. 🙂