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Hall of Fire This Saturday, January 15

January 12, 2000 at 10:19 pm by Tookish  - 


Come one come all to the next Hall of Fire! Bring your favorite Tolkien books or memories as we delve into this weekend’s topic:

Highlights: Your Favorite Moments From The Lord of the Rings

Was it the Bridge of Khazad-Dum? Gandalf’s return in the eaves of Fangorn forest? Grond smashing the gates of Minas Tirith? Pluck a few gems from the epic tale, or another of Tolkien’s works.

Time: 3:30 EST
Place: The Hall of Fire
Directions: Come to our site chat, Barliman’s, then type in /join #thehalloffire. Directions to joining Barliman’s can be found above.
Attire: casual (bare feet and pointy ears ok)

Posted in Barliman News on January 12, 2000 by
Check out the Bilbo Contract from WETA Workshop

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