Our good dwarf Kili has been doing a bit of writing… a story in the making. He showed me the first chapter, which included a song! So, with his permission, I am posting this song for all to read and enjoy. Kili, keep up the great work on the story!

“Though you be tall and strong of will,
and far over land you go to kill,
if you let the dark inside,
it will use your heart to hide,
leave all worries at the door and you will feel fear no more,
let the rain fall on the roof and do not think of silent hoof,
find a chair or even bed and they will make sure you are fed,
they will tend your hurts and woes for you may still have far to go,
stay and drink your favourite beer or even water fine and clear,
for if you fall asleep this night you will not feel a fatal bite,
and if you ever wander near,
the folk of Barlimans will bring you cheer.”