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More on Learning Elvish

January 6, 2000 at 2:18 pm by Tehanu  - 

I had no idea this was such a popular pastime. Several fans have written in to give us more information about how to learn Elvish. According to Steuard Jensen “…the help files that come with Dan Smith’s Middle-earth fonts are excellent references in their own right…” He goes on to recommend the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, “…an international organisation devoted to a scholarly study of the invented languages of Tolkien.” They have a journal and sometimes Christopher Tolkien has submitted essays to them. Their website is here and contains a list of resources for Tolkien linguists.
Helge Fauskanger also wrote to say that “An Introduction to Elvish” is outdated: “More than 80% of what we know about Tolkien’s languages today was unknown when “An Introduction to To Elvish” appeared.
Helge has a website, the Ardalambion, “with more recent studies that take into account the wealth of new information,” which has come from Chris Tolkien among others.

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