Some Aussie Ringers have chimed in with a few words to say about ‘The Hobbit’ stageplay:

Nighshade: The work that has gone into the stage adaption of the book is fantastic. All of the puppets which appeared were as I had visualised them! ( Gollum was great with his flourescent green eyes !) Bilbo the 3 foot tall hero with big hairy feet, 7 foot tall aloof elves, Smaug the dragon was well done with his 20 foot long neck weaving across the stage and the dwarves were great ( Stocky little fellows with long flowing beards and wicked sense of humour!), goblins with their nasty demeanors and red glowing eyes and big fat 7 foot trolls lumbering about the stage.

Gandalf is one of the few players that were made up of human characters showing off some of his magical skills( staff and crystal flowing in mid air!)

Steven D: It was an excellent show, and hopefully I will be going to see it again. I dont usually like stage shows or theatre, but this is one of the best shows I have seen. The characters are excellently crafted, and the play is fantastically adapted.

And David H sends in something he read while attending the play:

The producer of the Hobbit on stage, Malcolm Cooke, wrote an introduction for this second production’s program including the following:

“It is now a million dollar production for the new millenium which we are presenting in every major Australian city before taking it overseas, first to New Zealand then on to America.”

I wonder if Peter Jackson will be seeing it in the Land of the Long White Cloud while Filming.

Thanks to all those who sent in their opinions!
Source: ‘The Hobbit’ Play Website